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*cough* It seems that the TEAMworks LJ has been dead long enough and AS USUAL it's up to me to revive this sick sad creature. *sobs*

So, first things first: TEAMworks released our 7th issue/volume at Comic Fiesta 2009 despite loaaaaaaads of obstacles. Since I didn't manage to pimp it here before the event, here's the cover image.


With this issue, we bid farewell to our long time contributor and friend aiko25. Goodbye Aiko, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

sapphire_1010 did manage to doodle some 4-panel comics about us TEAMworks members but those are mostly posted on her own LJ. You probably won't get the see them unless you're her friend since they're locked posts most of the time. SAPH WHY YOU DO DIS TO US??? *SOBS*

And since I wanted to have a little fun and sapphire_1010 has been pestering me night and day to complete it, here it is in its completed glory...


GACC/TeamWorks outing report!

Ahoy fellow friends. On 15 Aug, TeamWorks have went forth on to the Parameswara land - Melaka, to get to the GACC 2009!

We got up with bleary eyes and woozing heads early in the morning, but we made it early and got on the buss from KL Sentral. Max got us face masks in light of the piggy flu. Buuuuuut we couldn't keep our itchy fingers off the markers (even during the buss ride!), so.....

Read more for ze GACC weekend adventure!Collapse )
The TEAMworks gang (mostly me, ezelthecheezel, and sapphire_1010) have been out and about recently and we landed ourselves at Urbanscapes 2009, which took place at the KL Performing Arts Center. It was a blast because we met some Really Awesome People (TM) from Kendama Malaysia, so awesome that we got so inspired to draw giftarts for them. We totally forgot didn't manage to take any photos of our art, but the Kendama peeps were so nice as to upload them on their blogspot page! Do check out their post dedicated to TEAMworks!

In other news, ezelthecheezel and another anonymous dude got featured in OtakuZone today. ezelthecheezel, you should have totally pimped them the link to this LJ! RAAAAAWR. Oh well. You can read the article here. SERIOUS BUSINESS YO!

Hmm, is it me or is there a lack of art-related updates here lately? Now, where did I put that whip of mine again...



Let the comics do the talking, I say. So I will only say: 'this comic is read from right to left.

Comic: 'Hear me speak ahyuk ahyuk ahyuk'Collapse )

WHERE TO NEXT? EZEL ARE YOU DONE WITH YOURS? MAX I WANT TO MULTIPLAY KH DS WITH YOU! LOL. SOOOBS OTL Cause last I tinpin with those 2 idiots, I totally pawned them. Or rather they kinda commited suicide themselves.

Live Long and Prosper

Because I have been smitten with the latest Star Trek movie and just had to have an outlet to release all that pent up fanboyism.

Wictor Wictor Alpha what?Collapse )


Hidoi na

Teamworks had an movie outing this Sunday so we went to 1Utama. We watched Inkheart. (I watched it the second time) And everyone agrees that the aunt is awesome.

There's this new arcade machine which I can't remember its full name, it goes something like 'xxx Boosbusting or issit Ghostbusting'. It's a really cute game. The players use this controller which shaped like a shower staff to hit the ghosts. By hitting the ghosts, it means you actually touch the screen and hit them directly. I would love to play that game again if I can. None of us gets to reach the boss stage, sadly. OTL TOO MANY BOOS! I wanna play again...;___;
EDITED: read from right to left. OTL

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TEAMworks #6: Sambal Six!

Here's a preview + promo + advertisment for the latest installation in our TEAMworks doujinshi series, coming to you at Comic Fiesta 2008! Please support us yeah! XD


Art-Exchange 1

It's been ages since I've updated anything here on the TEAMworks LJ so I thought I'd share with you an art exchange I did with a university-mate of mine, Farah (A Forensics student. No, don't lift my fingerprints off my artwork, thank you!). I gave her my artpiece before she started on hers and I love how she made it look like both our pieces are from a series of themed artworks! Here's a small thumbnail of what we drew (Slightly larger pictures and short comments behind the cut).


Cut for Medium Size!Collapse )


I'll let the picture speak for itself.


56 pages of duriany goodness. for RM6.

ps max this is outdated cover too lazy to resize the current one 8D